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Default Re: Bass MSR solo ideas

Good question! Alas, there are a LOT of "it depends" answers.

Drummers playing in a lower grade band (which to me is Grade 3 and under) have a hard time with solo tunes as they advance in grade/rank - no matter the instrument. Tunes that are "great solo tunes" for drummers are often beyond the reach of the pipers in the band, unless there is a piping instructor playing with you who has a pretty wide range of tunes under their fingers.

If the band is already playing an MSR, unless you have people playing other tunes, or who have played other tunes for solos, you likely are most safe playing the band MSR.

I am presuming you are competing in EUSPBA, yes? Do they require a snare drummer accompanist for bass solos as well as the piper? If so, the band MSR might be your only bet.

I could rattle off tunes I've played, and won with, but if the pipers you have can't play them, they aren't much help.

It might be easier to ask, "What tunes do/does the piper you are considering asking to play for your solo contests know really well?"

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