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I have two of these cases, love them. I found a cheap used im2500 on Ebay too, but the wheels on it started crumbing soon after i bought it. I called Pelican just to see if I could order some new wheels and they replaced them under the lifetime warranty. Sent me two sets.

The replacement surgery was pretty easy.


Originally Posted by pancelticpiper View Post
Four years on I'm still using my Hardigg case, which I bought used and beat-up but cheap (on Ebay). When a used Pelican case came up cheap on Ebay I bought it, and two of my pipes have great protection.

I don't know if it's come up on any of the threads here about Pelican and Hardigg cases, but there's a thing about the wheels.

Hardigg cases use very nice wheels, I think they're inline skate wheels, with nice tyres so that the case rolls quietly.

Pelican cases use hard plastic wheels, noisy and jittery.

So there's a thing (more in the worlds of cameras and electronic equipment) about replacing the wheels on the Pelican case with the nicer wheels as are used on Hardigg cases.

Here's a video about it

I replaced the wheels on my Hardigg case (the originals were too worn) which is a different process. On the Hardigg there's a large plastic back piece, holding the wheels and the telescoping handle, and you have to remove this whole assembly to replace the wheels. The assembly is held in place by a dozen Robertson screws (square head). Still it only took 10 minutes to replace the wheels.

Here's the back of my Hardigg Storm iM2500 (with its shiny new wheels)

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