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A little earlier in this thread, the question was raised about theft of the cases.

There are many ways you can attempt to defeat would be thieves. Pelican Cases as well as rifle cases can be padlocked and a simple bicycle cable can be used for securing the case to a few locations. Just don't do that in Airports or Bus Terminals then head off to Charbucks for a pumpkin spice whatever. It will attract unwarranted attention from authorities due to security concerns.

In other methods you can also have RFID trackers attached internally to the cases, as well as using cell phone tracking technologies to help recover stolen pipes. Though I have been told of pipers leaving vehicles unlocked and discovering more pipes tossed in upon their return.

But as Pelican Cases are a desirable item. Painting a current address inside under the removable foam padding along with an offer of reward may assist in recovery. But for those with pipes of rare and valuable providence, cell phone and RFID tracking technologies would be a valuable addition.
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