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Default Re: Help Improving Band Tuning

Originally Posted by pancelticpiper View Post
This jumped out to my eye.

In all the bands I've been in over the years tuning has been a continuous and ever-present component of every practice.

The practice nearest the contest isn't different from any other practice throughout the year.

I think good blowing is the main thing that leads to good band tuning, and good blowing is a habit that has to be continuously worked on.
To clarify - we get tuned any time we play, and it is as you say a continuous component. At the practice (rehearsal is maybe the better term) before a contest though, more time and diligence are spent specifically on tuning, everyone is carefully checked individually to make sure nothing has drifted out of whack (which can happen).
I just thought this might be helpful to the OP - it sounded like he was tasked with tuning a band that wasn't used to being tuned at all!
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