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Default Re: Are replica pipes comparable to the original?

It depends

Nobody can really know for certain what a given instrument sounded like 100+ years ago. They were reeded with cane, possibly played at a different pitch, possibly played in a different climate, and the wood has aged and changed over time.

As a world-class competitor said to me once, "the one thing no [modern] pipe maker can do is make the wood a hundred years old." There's a lot of truth to that. It's really impossible to compare a modern instrument with what an old one MIGHT have sounded like in days past. The best of them capture what we consider to be the important characteristics of what's being reproduced, but even that is subjective to an extent.

I would say that yes, modern reproduction instruments GENERALLY perform similarly to the originals, but there are too many variables involved to say that they are "exact" copies in terms of sound (even if they are in dimension, which isn't always actually desirable...).

I haven't heard a Dunbar Breadalbane in person. We have several McCallum Macraes in the band, and I will say that they are very, very good. I also say that having heard Stuart Liddell play both the original and the reproduction in person.
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