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Default Re: Are replica pipes comparable to the original?

Originally Posted by EquusRacer View Post
There are too many variables, some of which you mentioned, for any generalized statements. There's the maker, the materials used, the set up, the player. In addition, not all--even the "classic"--vintage sets played all that well, no matter how well set up and played. I'm sure others, more expert than I, will have more valuable input.

It's a great question that I've often wondered about. On the other hand, I think I never wondered all that much since I'm with EquusRacer on this.

I think all sets of pipes are a bit of a crapshoot. A decent maker is always capable of turning out a gem, but also due to nature, wood, luck, etc....turn out a less-than-a-gem or even a clunker. The better makers that use/used better materials and better attention to detail and standards, just turned the odds more in their favor a bit and turned out more gems.
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