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For myself, I don't want people to hold their fingers pulled up in an unnatural tight arch, neither do I want their fingers held stiffly straight.

Both extremes show that the fingers are under tension.

I have people shake out their hands and let them fall totally relaxed at their sides and look at how their fingers look when completely relaxed. What is seen is neither straight nor arched but a gentle curve. I tell them that that is the ideal to work towards, having their fingers utterly relaxed.

BTW strongly arched fingers, where the end of the fingers are coming down perpendicularly to the holes, is not correct flute posture. Just like on pipes, flutists must seal the open holes of their French-model Boehm flutes with the fleshy pad on the underside of the finger's joint.

True that on the upper hand, in the ordinary way flutes are held, each finger is different, with the little finger and ring finger straight, the middle finger somewhat arched, and the index finger most arched because the flute rests on the base of the index finger and that finger has to curl around the instrument. Yet, the end-joint of the index finger isn't coming to the hole perpendicularly but at around a 45 degree angle.

BTW there are many fluteplayers, quite good ones, who do keep their fingers as flat as many Highland pipers do
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