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Default Re: Recording Band Competitions Copyright protection concerns.

Ok.. thanks for the background info Mike... To learn what spurred this see Mike's thread in Pipe bands forum.

Can I use Kenton's "ohhhh I am so hurt by all the names you called me on the internet" rant? Look, I am not a stickler nor anything like that. I do see the benefits of listening to one's self play. I brought up the idea many times about going back to having judges speak into recorders as the band plays. Especially now, when you can just hand them a SD card.

AGAIN, my contention was that these guys selling the music at the games would give the recording industry another group to go after for their current copying attack. I am NOT in favor of their tactics. see this I don't think the way the competitions are fading especially here in the east, that the scottish games can afford the attention of the recording industry. Why bring on such trouble? If we call attention to music copyright issues, such as selling CDs of competitions, we run the risk of messy court battles. If that becomes true, then I am sure the games will just drop any competition to avoid this. Hence my concern here. I would like to still compete. I am NOT on the recording company's side. However, I do believe selling an unauthorized recording is stealing. I do not believe recording it for your own use is stealing.
I believe, this would be a good "gift" that bands/soloists receive along with the scoresheets.
And the beat goes on....
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