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Default Re: Chanter reed issues, going from low to high elevation

Originally Posted by RichmondPiper View Post
Much to the chagrin of visiting pipers, this was standard stuff in Johannesburg where I learned my piping and led a band One learned to live with it but there always was a lot of footling around due the the combination of altitude (6,000 feet) and lack of humidity. For us, traveling to compete at sea level was always a boon. Not only our pipes, but our cars also went better there.

In really dry weather we would run small amounts of water into the bags to help. And then off course every now and again there would be an overcast day or even a rainy one and that played havoc with our pipes which were set up for dry conditions.

There is no simple solution for this particularly if it's not an everyday thing but only an issue when you visit. The advent of synthetic done reeds has helped enormously and also synthetic bags without much moisture control (maybe remove yours during the visit). For the duration of a short visit, the best advice is to probably set the chanter a bit flatter than usual and ensure that there is a bit of moisture in the bag.

This is great. Thank you!
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