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Default Re: Music for Pipes and other instruments

Originally Posted by Kevin View Post

I am guessing this is a long shot but has anyone run into any published collections of music arranged for multiple instrument voices including pipes? SSP and fiddle is what I am really looking for but I would be interested to hear about any other collections as well.
You know any pipe tune can be played by fiddle, right? If your SSPs are pitched in A, you're good to go with your fiddler. If you have tunes that do not have the key signature noted, tell the fiddler to add C# and F# (key of Dmajor [and don't you theorists @ me - I know]). Tell the fiddler to ignore those wee gnat notes, too.

If you're looking for chords, check out some of the offerings here:

especially these collections:

Ceol na Fidhle - Highland Tunes for Fiddle (three book offer)
Ceilidh Collections for Fiddle - (four book offer)

There will be many tunes out of the bagpipe range, but many, many tunes are pipe tunes.

Hamish Moore's collection has chords for many tunes.

Agree with the LBPS books. Not all have chords, but the orange book does.
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