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Default Re: Music for Pipes and other instruments

Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
has anyone run into any published collections of music arranged for multiple instrument voices including pipes?
The thing is, in both Scottish and Irish traditional dance music the heart of the tradition is unison playing, so "multiple instrument voices" in the orchestral sense doesn't exist.

In Irish traditional music however many instruments you have- fiddles, uilleann pipes, boxes, flutes, whistles, banjos- are all playing the same melody in unison. (Well not quite unison, but that's another subject.)

Likewise in the Scottish groups I'm familiar with you have Scottish pipes (be they smallpipes, border pipes, for Great Highland pipes) playing in unison with fiddle, box, and so forth.

So there's no point in publishing arrangements for the various voices. All that's needed is to publish the tunes themselves.

For sure there has been, in the Highland pipe band world in recent decades, a dramatic shift from the traditional strict unison playing to ever more complex harmonies.

Nowadays you hear quite sophisticated orchestration in the top pipe bands, for example some of the pipers playing a slow air while others play a reel.

I don't know if a book has ever been published of these pieces complete with their several-part harmonies. One piece has: The Steam Train to Mallaig.
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