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Default Re: Who makes this reed?

Yes it is a plastic reed, that's why I want one.

The boy was not "lame" he just told me what he knows. He is only about 12 so he would not know a lot of detail and in this country, an old bloke getting friendly with a young boy can get the tongues wagging in ways that are not healthy so I only had a brief chat with him.

I know his band because it was on his cover but this band is a fee for service band so I am not wanting to give them a free plug and their PM probably wouldn't help me anyway. They are the lot that supported Paul McCartney when he toured here.

I blew the reed and it was just about as easy as my smallpipes so if I get one I will be able to play my highland pipes again. The boy was in the finals and this tells you that the boy's reed sounded real good.

I have also been told that the reeds are made by a New Zealand reedmaker but I have searched and found not reedmakers over there that do this.

I just want one of these reeds so I can play my pipes again so I hope someone can help. If someone from GMM can give me the details you can pm me if you don't want all to know.

Thankyou in advance

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