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Default Re: Who makes this reed?

It looks to be the same blade plastic used in the Clanrye Synthetic reeds. I'm not sure if there's a place to get them in Australia, but the 27 written on that may correspond to red medium mentioned in the site:

Color Code Strengths Airflow (C.F.P.H) Press (P.S.I)
Yellow Easy 20-21 0.5- 0.75
Red Medium 23-27 0.8- 1.1
Blue Hard/Strong 30 1.4
I'm not sure, though, seeing as the bridle and wrap color are different than most of the pictures I've seen.
Malcolm McLaren is in Brisbane, making synthetic reeds which sound pretty good.
If, as your friend says, they are only by special order, the person making them may not be ready to go public yet, and may also not like having even a picture of their work online.
Some day, some genius will release one that fools even the experts until they see the chanter out of the stock. ;)
Before you start fixing problems with your reeds, check to see if the bag or stocks are leaking.

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