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Default Re: Your 2019 setup?

Originally Posted by Dave Sanderson

I thought I'd pull off something different at the Sgt's. Mess dinner by playing a 1950's vintage Hardie blackwood chanter with a big old ivory sole.

A nice, rich, warm sound for in and out the head table and MacIntosh's Lament.

I did find a slight issue with the wide sole knocking against my mounted badger sporran initially.

Ah, Dave,

I... too... have an early 50s ABW chanter... made by Bob. :)

And... ain't it grand?!... Ain't it just!! :)

And... since I began... this Great Waltz-About... and there
were only... the great dish-plate soles... I have always been
comfortable with them. :) (My newer chanters do not have such.)

Trusting that the Sergeant's Mess Dinner went swimmingly
well for you... and your 50s Hardie chanter... filled the room!! :)

With regards,


My friends all know,
With what a brave carouse...

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