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Default Re: Hair sporran length

Originally Posted by el gaitero View Post
Anyone know the milspec rules for wearing the trad military hair sporran?
It amuses me to see modern Drum Majors and others create "milspec rules" for things like that, which traditionally had nothing such.

For example a look at hundreds of photos of Highland regimental pipers and pipe bands show the plaids of the same band at the same event having plaids of a wide variety of lengths, some nearly touching the ground, some being much shorter. Then I read a "rule" somewhere that the plaid "must" be such-and-such length. It strikes me as wholly modern, and out of touch with the history of Highland Dress.

One aspect of how far the hair of a sporran goes down is how low the sporran itself is worn. In the old days they tended to wear the entire sporran lower.

Here in the mid-19th century; the hair goes down to the tops of the hose-tops in some cases.

Here rather lower than the tops of the hose-tops

But that's 100 years ago! They don't wear sporrans well below the kilt in modern times! Or do they?

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