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Default Re: World Piping Championships

The interest in these things seems to waning, at least here in the US...I can remember the day when one would eagerly await the latest World's CD or cassette..even though it would be replete with numerous bands opening their MSR with The Highland Wedding and various iterations of the strathspey Susan Macleod..contemptible as that, I just don't hear many folks discussing what bands may have a shot at the Gold or the event at all..most younger Pipers couldn't care less..I can see their point to a's become a litany of mostly forgettable tunes that you couldn't hum to yourself from memory if your life depended on that won't survive the test of time but played at the World's as if they were something special.. composed in awkward, uneven phrasings and generally unappealing to the ear and the masses..the set lists formulaic, robotic and firmly bourgeois, the chanters of a ghastly high pitch and tuned so finely as to deprive the instrument of it's character and soul...and played upon a pitch that is full of empty seats in the gallery with a driving rain lashing upon the competitors who have traveled many miles for a bucket list experience ..many never to return...their time perhaps better spent watching some proper Regimental Piping at the Tattoo in Edinburgh, although that too, sadly, is in decline in recent years..if I can find it on a broadcast somewhere I may tune in, but I doubt what I watch will be much different than described.
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