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Default Tunes for a new smallpiper

Hello. I'm new to piping and eagerly awaiting a set of Walsh pipes in A in the mail.

I know it may be a while before I get to where I can actually play a tune, but I'd like some suggestions for slow airs I could begin with...I'm more familiar with Irish Trad... now for this instrument I need to start listening and learning to the Scottish tunes.

I'm not really interested in progressing to highland pipes, and I'm not really drawn to the more formal, marching style..(please no offense if I've misinterpreted this or if GHP is your focus..) I'd like to play in the looser, folkier way I've heard some smallpipers play.

Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions for slow tunes, or for pipers I should listen to, please let me know...I can get to work learning the tunes on fiddle and whistle while i'm figuring out how to make the pipes work.

ps. I just found Brighde Chaimbeul on youtube and have been enjoying her stuff
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