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Default Re: videos that give you chills

Originally Posted by Charlie Rutan View Post

Shawn...Trendafilov's a genius. check this one out too
look at his fingers
This man's fingering reminds me of the trills of the great Cecilia Bartoli or Joyce DiDonato! (amazing opera singers). Particularly the Bulgarian music. And the late Bella Silverman, though her vocal vibrato was slow, her trills were nevertheless just as amazing. (Unfortunately I can't find clips of these singers right now, but they ainn't pipers!)
Here are several videos of the Italian Zampogna. Note that the sopranina drones are way too loud, but if you reduce the sound of them using an audio editor, they're just as amazing as Laura Bretan's amazing vocal dexterity as a 13-year-old Romanian opera singer! (Please PM me if you want to hear what I think are amazing opera singers, I'd rather keep this on piping, and perhaps a lot of people don't know what good healthy opera-singing sounds like having brought up used to a slow vibrato which will damage the voice, rather than a faster vibrato by way of developing the vocal trill. But again, just PM me for these, I don't want to be TOO off topic!):

And some Zampognas played with a little oboe woodwind called Ciaramella:
(Note that the soprano in this recording is not as good as Cecilia Bartoli or Laura Bretan, only as good as another less-experienced singer called Abby Becker).
(This recording has no Zampogna, but a Ciaramella accompanied by an organ. This is the highest note ever played on the Ciaramella).
(Starts with an amazing bass Zampogna)
Here are two more Zampogna / Ciaramella pieces that I only discovered recently.
Our Sea (trio: Tenor Zampogna, Alto Ciaramella and Soprano Ciaramella)
Hymn to the King (full quartet: Bass Zampogna, Tenor Zampogna, Alto Ciaramella and Soprano Ciaramella)
My Youtube channel (continually being updated):
My Liked videos (which says a lot about me and what I love):

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