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I have had a Fagerstom Technopipes since December 2011. It has been absolutely fantastic. I have about a one hour commute each way on a large comfortable bus, usually with a double seat by myself. So I can get almost ten hours a week of practice on the bus. I would not play the SSP nearly as well if I had not spent so much time on the Technopipes.

So I would support CalumII. The Technopipes do not provide practice in sealing the holes, which, for a beginner, is very important to learn. It is very easy to hit the electronic contacts. The Technopipes are forgiving in that way.

On the other hand, the Technopipes are especially good at revealing false fingering. So, as a beginner, my fingering became relatively precise after a couple of years. But I still had to play the real SSP set so that my fingers could find and seal the holes instinctively. And also I had to learn how to work the bellows, of course.

So I guess it depends on what one means by "sloppy".

Buying the Technopipes is some of the best money I have spent in piping.
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