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Default Kinnaird Edge Reeds

Put them in this morning....
I was going to go bass first then tenors a day or two later..
it was too easy so I swapped all three-
My thoughts/observations
They fit well-good and snug into the reed seat. I like to plug reeds in as deep as they will go so I have a reproducible/consistent starting point.
With the factory set-up the bass tunes at 1 finger. Tenors just below the hemp line.
The sound is very full with a nice least to my ears. FYI- I have some high-frequency loss due to my reckless life style.
Sound is a little coarse just prior to strike in....but who cares. When the drones come in, the sound is great.
I pulled the nose cones and backed the tuning screw out about 5 turns each IOT lengthen the air column. Did not get a chance to play more- I will see where everything tunes tomorrow.
Air consumption-
WOW! quite the difference to my previous set up. That's all I can say for now as I didn't have time to monkey with the reed tongues. I figured to get them in and going first, then get the pitch where I want it- with my pipes it's between 1/8 to 1/4" of hemp showing and 2 fingers on the bass.
Maybe play for a couple of days to be sure everything is settled in and then tinker a bit with the tongue settings and see if I can dial down air use a wee bit more.
Right now my pipe is a bit easier to play.
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