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Default Re: Kinnaird Edge Reeds

I have tried the Edge and they’re OK. The tenor tongues are more like the original Kinnairds (a little shorter than in the Evo’s). The tenors also seemed less buzzy.

What is great about them is the grub-screw for dialing in cut-off pressure. This means no more messing about with the bridle.

But.... while the grub-screw in the Edge reeds ought to make it easier to fine-tune the tenors to each other. For me, they were still tricky because now you need micro-adjustments of the grub screw.

I also wonder about the effect of actually adjusting the bridle? Does it effect tone? While they are pre-set before shipping, are they set to be truly identical?

So far, I am lukewarm about the Kinnaird Edge reeds. I play vintage Robertson drones and am currently preferring Evo tenors and a cane bass. The main reason for this is that the Evo tenors simply work very well.

As for the Edge reeds, they’re waiting for me to spend more than a couple of days futzing with them before I discount them as I may simply not have got them to the point where they really make my tenors blend with my bass, while not overpowering my chanter.

Please don’t read the above as a negative or positive review of Kinnaird Edge reeds by a piping expert. I am not an expert. I compete grade 2 and 3.

Finally, I do not regret purchasing the Edge reeds, as I am confident that I can get them sounding to a degree with which I will be extremely happy.

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