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Default Re: Rakes of Mallow pipe tune

In this case, the 'Rakes of Mallow' is the original title. The tune was published under that title in 1733, and the words in the 1740s. It is one of a number of tunes linked to the spa at Mallow, Co. Cork, which was discovered in the late 1720s, but was in decline by the 1770s. The tune also appeared in the 1740s as the 'Rakes of Marlow', hence the 'Rigs of Marlow', while the 'Rakes of Mall' and the 'Rakes of London' are just two of numerous other titles. 'Sir Charles Forbes of Edinglassie' is a long way down the list, and I seem to remember that the tune is credited to a named piper. It was also collected as a cowboy dance, 'Rompin' Molly', in the USA. The tune is amazingly common, and turns up in the most surprising places, including India, doubtless thanks to East India Company/British army bands. Generally, Irish musicians don't bother playing it – though it's often taught to beginners on various instruments.
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