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Default Re: "Acceptable" competition tunes for BOTH Grade 2 & 3

Originally Posted by Pppiper View Post
Hi el gaitero:

Long hiatus .. nearly 20 years. I was new to Grade 3 at the time, and I was placing (3rd or 4th maybe, I honestly don't remember).
The informed consensus is that in 20 years piping has improved considerably -- but that is the nature of evolutionary systems ;-)

I'm in the process of getting ready for the upcoming season in G4. I've won in G4, but I'm still really inconsistent. Hopefully I'll improve my consistency and move up to g3.

It is my understanding that g3 is still a place to play relatively simple music, but to play it really well, and that g2 is much more like g1. Unless your playing is at g2 level, you probably won't do really well playing more difficult material in g3.

Also, some judges might not want to hear you playing the first four parts of a tune composed with more parts -- you won't have a musical finish.
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