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Default A quiver-full of chanters

A quiver-full of chanters is a great thing. My collection ranges from an old Robertson that tunes to 456 Hz and has a scale all of its own, to a Shepherd Orchestral for playing with other muzos, to an older poly Shepherd whose every hole had to be drilled to tune properly, an ABW Shepherd solo that I really enjoy, an McC2 solo, a poly Gibson that is on permanent loan from a friend whom I help out now and then, and a Kyo laminate that plays in the mid 480s and completely changes the sound of the drones.

There are others which never get played, like an old Hardy that sounds like tin, and an ancient and indeterminate make with a big fat plastic sole.

I would love to get a Sinclair some day.

The ever-changing fashions are lots of fun.
Noble and manly music invigorates the spirit, strengthens the wavering man, and incites him to great and worthy deeds. Homer.
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