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Default Re: Thread about adult learners

It also depends on the adult's age when starting. E.g., someone who starts learning in their 20s is going to have a big advantage over someone who starts learning at 50+. Having taught adults who start at 50+, I find that they can master slow airs, and the easier two-part and four-part march tunes that you would normally hear in parades, but strathspeys, reels, jigs, hornpipes can be a stumbling block. I try to talk to my adult students about their potential goals and keeping things achievable.

When I started (in my 20s) my pet peeve was the attention show to the kids when I attended various workshops and summer schools. Instructors felt that getting the kids out there competing was a feather in their cap, so to speak, so the adults got a bit of the short shrift. Thirty years later, however, I find the advanced classes to be no big deal, and while I will never play as well as someone who started learning at age 12, I'm not a bad rear-rank piper and have no problems keeping up! Am looking forward to the Black Bexar Pipe Band's March workshop in San Antonio!

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