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Default Re: Adult learners who can play straths, reels, jigs and h'pipes.

Originally Posted by Neil Clark View Post

Bob... with regards to your pal who became a pro competitor, good on him. But being a professional isnt the same as being a Gold winner.
I didn't mean to imply it was

I just find it inspiring to know that it's not impossible for someone who starts as an adult to achieve a very high standard of playing, even if the ultimate achievements are probably out of reach. There seem to be very few adult beginners who get even to the EUSPBA grade 1 level.

In that regard, piping is a lot more approachable than violin. In similar forums for people learning violin no one can give examples of adult beginners who make a similar level of progress.

I think the answer to Bish's question is that 100% of Gold Medal winners started as children, but I suspect he was asking a rhetorical. It would be really interesting if someone could document a Gold Medal winner who started even as late as 18.
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