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Default Re: Adult learners who can play straths, reels, jigs and h'pipes.

Originally Posted by CalumII View Post
I suspect the drop-out rate for adult violinists is really high - I know I've stopped playing it sometimes for months at a time and it has taken a real effort to go back to it.
I got as far as being able to play reels and jigs on violin. But then my wife broke my instrument and that gave me an excuse to stop permanently

Before this year I think every adult who started taking lessons from my wife stopped taking within two years (mostly within one). Last year though she started giving lessons to two adult beginners, both of whom were already taking lessons from a fiddle teacher. One of them in particular seems dedicated.

Something that I find interesting about my wife's playing is that it takes her days (even weeks) of daily work to get her tone back after she stops playing for a time. I think that's partly because the instrument itself needs to "warm up" but unlike our reeds that come back to life in a day or two, the violin seems to take a week or two to really open up. I heard the guy who owns Potter's Violins explain that violins "learn" good tone over time (from being played by good players).
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