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Default Re: Adult learners who can play straths, reels, jigs and h'pipes.

I played the violin too. Started as a child, but I've given up on it so I can concentrate on another instrument. I think to play any instrument at the highest level is going to take a supreme effort. However, I do feel that it is harder to play the violin at a high standard, than to do so with some other instrument.

About adult learner being able to play the hard tunes, I wonder if people play what their peers play, at the standard expected of them. If you surround yourself with good pipers, then you are more likely to play at a higher standard. Because it is the normal thing to play at that standard, and you don't want to be the weakest link. I am thinking of a few pipers, adult learners, who played together in a grade 5 band, playing the parade repertoire, and quite well. One day one of them wanted to join the grade 3 band of which the grade 5 band was the feeder. They all went together. Suddenly all of them can play that first birl in Lochanside (that was a requirement) and now all of them are playing the 4 parted competition MSR set at practice with the grade 3 band.

It's whether you have the motivation to push yourself. Not everyone is golden, and there is nothing wrong with parade tunes, but I think all of us have the potential to clear a very high bar if we ever push ourselves to make that leap.
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