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Can you do this with it?

In all seriousness, I'm sure the Harbor Freight is fine for most situations, but the Pelican cases are a fair step above. Compared to the cost of replacing an antique (or other) bagpipe, it's a relatively cheap investment.


Originally Posted by Hebridean Society Piper View Post
I admit I have not tried to float it or drop it off a cliff but it affords a reasonable level of protection and it is airtight enought for my humidifier to stay at 58 per cent. Besides my combat days are over. My focus has been more towards preserving a tropical hardwood from the extremes of the California climate. It has aluminum siding which reflects heat and a pretty sturdy frame.You have to break down the pipes with this case but I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing since the next step is to swab out my drones after playing. Forrest Decker dispatched me to Home Depot years ago to get one of these and it works great. Well within FAA limits
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