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Default Re: Practice chanter pitch

Yes the old traditional practice chanters, for example the 1950s Hardie I have, played around 466, as did the pipes of that period.

It was obviously intentional.

Ironically, practice chanters in recent years have been going lower in pitch while the pipe chanters have been going higher.

We all know about the pitch climb that started around 1980 or so, that saw pipe chanters go from 466 to 480-485 or wherever they're at nowadays.

But then Alexander introduced a 'fullsize' or 'long' practice chanter which due to a longer scale length played at a lower pitch.

These have caught on and now have become standard, more or less. I think everyone in our band plays one, usually by McCallum or Naill. They usually pitch around halfway between Concert B Flat and Concert A (around 450-455).
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