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Originally Posted by bob864 View Post
Another option you might want to consider is military surplus...hard cases similar to Pelican...for $50 or so.
That's about what I paid for that Hardigg IIRC.

The Pelican was around $100, which I didn't mind, being a genuine Pelican in near-new condition.

The cool thing about Pelicans is that they make that accessory-pouch assembly that fastens inside the lid.

I put one in my Hardigg too, but it's more jury-rigged: I had to put screws through the lid, the Hardigg lacking the lugs inside the lid that the Pelican has.

BTW I just wanted to note that the wheels on my Hardigg were in good condition when I bought it, but four years of regular use and the tyres started coming apart.
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