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Originally Posted by John McCain View Post
I haven’t used a 1510 so I wouldn’t know about it’s weight

Here's a comparison, it appears that the 1510 is a bit lighter than the im2500.

BTW there were two distinct companies, Pelican and Hardigg.

Pelican makes the Pelican 1510.

Hardigg made the Hardigg Storm im2500, a very similar case to the Pelican 1510 just from one of Pelican's competitors.

But in 2009 Pelican bought out rival Hardigg. Pelican has continued to make the Hardigg Storm im2500 but re-branded "Pelican".

Since I have both (a pre-buyout Hardigg Storm im2500 and a Pelican 1510) I thought I'd share pics of them side by side:

The 1510 (black) has a separate dedicated top handle, a very nice feature. With the im2500 (grey) you have to use the telescoping handle as the top handle meaning that the case is off-balance.

Here you can see the separate top handle of the 1510. The 1510's side handle is better padded. The latches are different: the 1510's just snap shut and pull open, the im2500's have a release button you have to push to open the latch. Both cases have pressure release valves. The handles are only around halfway up here, to fit them in the photo.

The biggest differences are in the back. The im2500 has a full back piece which holds both the telescoping handle and the wheels. You can remove this assembly and have a lighter simple case. The 1510's wheels are held in separate small assemblies on each bottom corner.

The im2500's handle has a release catch with a metal spring mechanism, the 1510's release catch is just a portion of the plastic handle that flexes, a surprisingly cheap-feeling feature in an otherwise high-end case. Also the 1510's wheels are the same hard plastic as the case while the im2500's wheels are nicer, having separate tyres giving smoother rolling especially across brick etc.

Now for the horror show, how I use the inside! No elegant cut-out foam where each drone-piece is protected from the zombie apocalypse! I just toss the pipes in there like an ordinary old-school case. The case bottoms do have thin, dense foam linings cut from a Yoga mat. Both sets are plain-Jane somewhat beat-up 1940s pipes that sound great. Yes I keep the sheepskin bags wrapped in plastic, a habit I picked up from my Bulgarian piping teachers.

Both cases have the mesh zip pouch assembly made by Pelican for the 1510, which has thick bosses on the inside of the lid to accept the screws that hold the thing on. The old Hardigg im2500 lacks the bosses, so I had to drive the screws right through the lid, ruining the case's seaworthiness yes I know.

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