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Default Re: I LOVE my bagpipes

Originally Posted by McCracken140 View Post
Piperswan, that seems like a good idea RE the cane reeds in a moisture controlled container. How much “Plug and play” factor does that give you, compared to synthetics etc?
id say its similar to playing every day. They still have to be warmed up for a few mins which I do at the same time as getting my chanter reed going. But when I wasn't storing them and I went some time without playing it would really mess with the reeds. Just to get them to play id have to start changing bridle position, messing with clips position and then once they were warmed up and with a bit of moisture id have to do it all over again to get it back dialed in and not sucking too much air and tuning where I want.

So its not like they just plug and are perfect, but they play and can be tuned right from the get go.
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