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Default Re: I LOVE my bagpipes

Hi all,

Drones: McCallum ABD4
Drone Reeds: Canning, G1 bass
Chanter: Dunbar Elite ABW / KYO poly
Chanter Reed: Husk
Bag: WMC Bannatyne
Dryer: Moose valve

I like the McCallums but they are all I have played. The Cannings are great and have been idiot proof but are 10 years old and I could use new ones but what?. The G1 cane has been fabulous, I lifted the tongue the first day and the day after and I haven,t done anything in a year. I have switch back and forth between the Dunbar and Kyo but I think I prefer the lower pitched Dunbar? The husk is the first reed I ever used that didn't need to be whittled down and sound great. I started with a Canmore gortex and the the WMC is awesome in comparison and I would suggest that no beginner waste 5 cents on such a thing and spend the extra and get something substantial. I have never needed anything but the Moose valve which works great and likely because I use a pretty easy read?
John Bolt

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