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Default Re: I LOVE my bagpipes

Originally Posted by William McKenzie View Post
I think the crossings are more of an issue going overseas to be honest where you coming/going through an airport. I grew up in Oregon going to British Columbia and just came back from Victoria Monday on a road trip. It could be a fluke but my experience is mostly the same over the years in that by ferry or by land the crossings are very rarely more than a general 45 second conversation about why you are entering/leaving either country. I don't think I have ever been asked about anything beyond if I have fruit.
It varies, and it only seems to be getting worse.

A piper who is a good friend of mine made headlines when he and another friend were returning via car from Maxville, Ontario to New England, as they'd gone up there to compete. Their pipes were confiscated at the border. Due to all of the hoopla through the media coverage and several calls to local legislative officials, the pipes were eventually returned. But needless to say, that was quite a nightmare. Both sets were extremely old, and in one case, a family heirloom with quite bit of provenance behind them. They were played by the owner's father when he was the Queen's piper.

Anyway, apparently the issue with that particular incident had to do with "traveling through a designated port" .. and that particular road crossing was not one of them. By that rationale, the boys would have had an easier time flying, as I believe the major airports are considered to be "designated ports."

Sigh .. in any case, it's a nightmare. Makes me REALLY happy that my old Hendersons were made with casein (originally) and not ivory. If I want to travel up to Canada or even Scotland to compete at some point (and I imagine that I probably will) ... it would really stink to not be able to bring and play the set that I really feel the best in playing. I have to leave the Hendersons home enough as it is when I'm doing rowdy stage gigs ... that's bad enough.

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