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Default Re: I LOVE my bagpipes

Originally Posted by Mac an t-Sealgair View Post
Reminds me if a particular interview story I heard
Go in at 3:50 for the story
I'm also reminded this statement that Jim McGillivray had posted back when I was reaching out on here for suggestions on my aforementioned Henderson setup ... and it was Colin MacLellan he was talking about:

Originally Posted by Jim McGillivray View Post
It took a long time for me to learn this, but as a general rule, when you're not happy with your drones, focus on the bass. There are lots of great reeds out there today, and it's never been easier to get a pair of tenor reeds that are perfectly matched and steady as a rock. But unsteadiness in the bass reed is much subtler. I would say that assuming you have proven that you can set up a perfectly steady bagpipe, nine out of 10 times not getting the instrument to lock is the fault of the bass drone reed. Colin MacLellan once told me that when his father handed Colin his MacDougall pipes for good, he gave him everything but the bass drone reed.

You may already have done this, so I apologize beforehand, but leave the tenors and try every bass drone reed you can get your hands on. And don't set them too weak. Sometimes just lengthening the tongue of a bass reed and making it stronger will solve the problem.

I'm convinced that a good piping life is little more than the constant search for a good bass drone reed.

Here's that thread:
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