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Default Re: I LOVE my bagpipes

I wouldnít normally post but am trying to a bit given the forum activity thread

I love my current pipes

Robertson 1920s ebony bought a few years ago from Jim McGillivray

Lee ĎJackí hybrid bag (I donít season it)
Trap drip with bottle on end
Bannatyne dri flo

Ezeedrones with inverted bass

Nail chanter with Macphee reed

Iíve tried kinnaird original and evolution selbies canning redwood spitfire xtreme balancetone but found ezeedrones steadiest and stablest for me. At a workshop it was suggested to me that croziers might be even more suitable so I have a set to try

Iíve tried G1 Melvin Russell Troy and maclellan reeds all with good results but keep going back to the Macphee

Was also happy with a Lee goatskin bag prior to getting the hybrid

For moisture I found trapdri alone not enough for my wet blowing, with a bottle and bead attachment I had too much drying, moose valve not enough, I wasnít diligent enough about keeping a kinnaird kanister dry so it worked well when it worked but sometimes failed when I had neglected it. The visual change in the bannatyne system helps me stay on top of the bead changing

To give you a sense of the wetness of my blowing 40 years ago with just an l&m bag and no mcs an extended playing session would end with me being showered with the moisture spraying out of my drones!
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