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Default Re: I LOVE my bagpipes

I have four 'keeper' sets but, in particular, I have two 'will never part with and love 'em to death' sets.

My absolute number one set was made for me by Charles MacGoldrick in Northern Ireland and they are absolutely incredible sounding and beautiful to look at as far as I am concerned. They are chalice topped with brass ferrules, slides and caps and green and purple acrylic mini pro mounts and the bag is a Canmore Medium hybrid with bottle trap. Chanter is a Naill blackwood solo chanter and the reeds are Canning blue drones and a Colin MacLellan chanter reed (brilliant reed!)

My second set is a chalice topped Mopane set by Charles with copper ferrules and copper ring around the tops, ivory bushes and Purple Heart projecting mounts fitted to a Canmore medium hybrid with bottle trap. Chanter is a Naill poly and, again reeds are Canning Blues in the drones and Colin MacLellan in the chanter. On this set the Mopane is undyed and I have to say that I was blown away by the grain that this wood possesses! Rich amber colour and strong varied lines. The colour harmonizes extremely well with the copper ferrules and top rings.
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