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Default Re: How many sets do you own?

Originally Posted by Barry Shears View Post
I had to think for a minute since some sets are missing the original chanter or a stock here and there but here goes from oldest to newest:
1. C. 1780 horn mounted set, complete except for a few missing rings
2. c. 1810 Two droned set (with a bass from another manufacturer)
3.c. 1800-1817 three droned set complete with ribbons possibly from a Fencible reg't, came to CB around 1817.
4. early Donald MacDonald 2 drones set, bass and tenor,
5. immigrant set 3 droned possibly MacDonald, one of two identical sets brought to CB early 19th century.
6. Gavin MacDougall , ivory mounted, 1910
7. Henderson, c. 1906, silver and ivory, sliver added in 1950s and the of the ivory turned down for the new silver, one tenor replacement, not quite a match. Great sound
8. Henderson, 1926, remounted in silver and imt. ivory a few years ago were originally casein and nickel (mostly cocus wood)
9. Henderson late 1920-30s, a few parts have been copied and I am awaiting a good quote on silver and int ivory refurb.
10. RG Lawrie's, ebony c.1908, nickel and ivory,
11. Duncan Gillis bagpipe c. 1900. apple wood
12. David Glen Cocus wood, missing a tenor drone,
13. RG Lawrie's , c. 1950 ivory mounted, missing a bass section
14. most of set of Robertsons, c. 1950
15 oops forgot this one, early Robertson c. 1920

OK so have a problem. two sets are on loan to museum in Cape Breton, and I suspect the really old sets in my collection will all go there at some point.
Wowsers!! That IS a museum!!
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