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Default Re: How many sets do you own?

Indeed we have two museum-worthy collections it seems!

I see that three-quarters of the respondents have one to three sets.

I should put up another poll perhaps? Asking how many GHB sets do you regularly play? Because I'm guessing that the people with a large number of GHB sets don't regularly play all of them.

Seems that the max number of GHBs I can keep in regular playing rotation is two: in the short time-periods I've owned three, one of the three got neglected, then sold.

I have an interesting sort of set-and-a-half thing actually: my old Starcks have a superb powerful bass and interesting complex dark tenors that want to tune to 466 and don't have a strong enough tone for band work.

To create a modern-pitch band-worthy set I had Rick Pettigrew make me a pair of tenors with the Dunbar Hendersonesque bores. The result is very nice.
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