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Default Re: Burning calories

Added note:

If you've got a heart rate monitor....
There's several websites out there with calculators for age/weight/BPM.
You could plug an average HR in there and come up with a reasonable guesstimate.

If you really wanna go to town, there's probably a formula out there for plugging in your age/weight/resting heart rate....and then kick in the average over your given duration. Probably a little more accurate.

Either way it's a guess. There's no hard numbers. It's just all part of the game and the journey. I got into the numbers of it. Because they gave me goals. I know they're inaccurate.

But, still....if was burning X calories per day/week/etc....
And I did more or less the same activities week to week and did "more of them" or did some "longer" and burned X+1 calories in the following time period, I knew I had kicked it up a notch and "won".

Small victories. They pile up.
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