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Default Re: Virtual St Pats?

Ha - yeah, even my hardest reed can only go so far. But for those of use who can stream live on Facebook or Instagram, could be a cool way to have a bit of solidarity and safely mark the day during a pretty weird time.

Might be a good time to raise awareness to all of those in the bar and restaurant industry who support us on St Pats and also give the service bands, many of which will have members that are going to be on the front lines, a chance to get in front of some screens.

I'm gonna start tomorrow at 6pm EST, probably with Minstrel Boy and stream on Instagram. Will play for as long as the neighbors can tolerate it, so to 6:05 or so.

I got off of Facebook, but if anybody is on one of the piping groups and think this is a good idea, please share it and see if we can get some more folk involved.
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