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Default Re: Playing in Surgical Gloves (?? :)


I am not saying that you fall into this category, but I have seen many people wearing gloves on public transit -- holding the pole, opening the door, holding the thing that hand down from the ceiling to stop one from toppling over -- and then rubbing their eyes or touching their nose. Some people feel a false sense of security when donning the PPE and it is wasted on them (and is so desperately needed by front-line health care workers).

Until my museum closed from the pandemic, I took public transit to and from my house. I usually had nitrile gloves in my bag or my pocket (we use them as a barrier between us and the artefacts). I stood on the subway thinking about whether or not I should pull them out and decided not to wear them. I decided not to touch my face or eyes and sanitize and wash my hands. No point in having contagion on the gloves where it lingers just as long as on the hands. And don't get me started about people who use their sleeves or -- get this -- their scarves -- to open doors, etc.

I don't want to start any PPE wars, but there are a lot of people out there who are falsely empowered by the "protection" of the PPE and, in reality, would be better served being vigilant and washing their hands more frequently. I know you said that you sanitize the gloves, so clearly you are aware of the limitations of their use.

And please, please, please people -- don't use your cuffs, sleeves, scarves etc!
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