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Here's a bucket a cold water... but it needs to be said/discussed.

Dealing with the copyright issue is going to be hard. Are folks who post links to recordings of competitions or beer tent performances going to have to get signed releases from the performers? and pay royalties on the copyrighted tunes?

Will simply questioning the legitimacy be enough to have the link removed?

Will there be an arbitration system to defend against nit-pickers?

I'm sort of going overboard there. But the core question is how rigorous is the enforcement going to be? Will voluntary removal of media that receive complaints be enough to prevent wholesale removal of links to web pages containing media?

I'm asking these sorts of questions because of a set of videos that I recently posted. Since they were all performed in public and aren't high resolution (and thus shouldn't hurt any sales of licenced CDs or DVDs), it doesn't seem likely that anyone will complain about them. All the comments I have received so far have been positive. But on the other hand in a forum of this size it's probably only a matter of time before someone complains.

Technically I don't have any signed releases from the performers, nor permission from the event promoters. I have no intent of selling the videos, so I ignored that. As for the copyrights, I'm riding the coattails of the bands (have any of them paid public performance rights to the tunes they are playing?). I certainly don't have the time to track down and pay for all the licenses to the copyrighted tunes. If I start down that path, then I would have to start charging download fees to recover my costs. Or turn it into a commercial DVD project.

This is just a hobby, and the practical reality is that at the first hint of trouble, I would choose to close down my video page.

One other comment about copyrights. If we limit the links to only point to cleared/licensed media, then there won't be many links to performances of actual tunes, except for the golden oldies. That would probably cut the number of posts down quite a bit. In the end, it may not be worth setting up a separate forum.

Another consideration... many similar issues apply to the PPOD. But there are differences in the way that still images, video images, and audio recordings are treated under the law.


P.S. I am pro-copyright protection for printed music, and commercial recordings of performances. In the case of my videos, I'm hoping that everyone involved considers them free advertising. If those Games had put out a commercial video of their pipeband competition, then I wouldn't have posted mine.
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