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You bring up several great points Eric. I think it's important to distinguish between two things:

1. Posting external links to videos
2. Posting internal links to videos

What I mean by external would be links that already exist. Like you were saying Eric, more of the "golden oldies" type of stuff. For example, here is a link to Slainte Mhath's new video "Annie":

A link to their video, which is awesome by the way

An internal link would be something that you are probably linking to that exists on someone's personal Web space, or on if space is made available.

In the first case, it probably isn't a problem.

In the second case, I argue it still isn't a problem. The liability is not on the person who posts the link, but is hosting the video. Freely distributing links has never been a problem or a crime, from what I understand about the Internet. Hosting an illegal video or problematic video is.

This is just a hobby, and the practical reality is that at the first hint of trouble, I would choose to close down my video page.
I agree with this sentiment. I like to err on the side of hosting it, and taking it down if anyone has a problem.

Either way, whoever is hosting the video is dealing with bandwidth, monthly cost and server issues anyways. You would hope they got the right permissions.

Again, I think the issues you brought up are valid and that we should discuss them.

My 2 cents. I'm expecting Andrew to chime in any second now


p.s. I tend to err on the other side of the copyright spectrum. Part of this comes from my work in open source and non profits, but some of it is also coming from the fact that I think the musak industry is headed this way. With .mp3 technology, more and more bands are making some of their songs available for free, and the rest for a reasonable cost. This puts the emphasis back on touring, concerts and shows as opposed to producing albums.
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