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Default Re: Learning online for drumming noobs

Well, I disappeared for a while. Life, including a seriously bad cold, kept me away from here, and from the drums to some extent.

Quick summary. I am a 61-year-old Scottish Side Drum noob. I have been learning through and have now had two hour-long sessions with a local pipe band, the Keith Highlanders in Bellevue/Medina, Washington.

With the band, we are starting with the basics, moving into how the basics become the Highland Swing. Great teacher. Enthusiastic. Supportive. Good guy, and an equally nice fellow student. I am the oldest of the three. There is also another drummer noob group made up of three little kids. Bless them, love them, but I am also glad we work apart. Being honest. Well, I was really in a good place to start live lessons given my introduction through RM. I'd used the online lessons to work past the awkward/uncontrollable left hand. It isn't controlled now, exactly, but close. ;-)

I just did a page of exercise for the live band, and am heading into to do the next lesson on RM. They merge together really well. I am sure you could do one or the other just fine. Each would work. I am sold on the RM lessons. But having both is really nice.

So far so good.

RM asked if I could share a few blog posts about my learning, so you may see more in-depth notes there.

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