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Default McCallum Poly Pipes

Hey music lovers.
I just moved to Las Vegas. It's well known for it's hot, dry climate. I came from Southern California, it's hot and dry there too but Vegas turns all that up at least a couple clicks. So I decided I would try Poly pipes. I found a very good deal on some P3's and bought them. I've had 'em a couple days, got them fairly well set up and I'm very pleased! They came with a Bannatyne synthetic (simple) bag and MG drone reeds. A little tweak here and there and the out of the box set-up sounds great. I have some other drone reeds I had planned to put in, but for now I'm keeping the MG's in till they piss me off. But I think a set of White Mambas will be great in these.
Anyhoo I'm really surprised at how good the drones sound, full, balanced and resonant...don't be afraid of them.
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