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Default Re: higher quality / more expensive practice chanters

Originally Posted by bob864 View Post
A cane reed would probably make more difference

I have a blackwood PC. It feels a little different. If you really like the way wood feels that much more than go for it. To me there's not that much difference. But I don't really practice on PC anyway.
second the cane reed.

I've got an 80s long scale Naill ABW chanter that I bought new when I was a teen. It never sounded as good as my crappy, scavenged from the bottom of the band barrel sheesham wood with the broken sole PC (that I promptly threw away the instant my shiny new Naill showed up).

It wasn't until much later that I realized the sound really was coming from the (also scavenged from the bottom of the PM's sock drawer) cane reed I had in it. Now I play a rainbow reed and couldn't be happier. They are expensive, yes, but worth it.
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