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Default Re: higher quality / more expensive practice chanters

I've been there and done that, but I honestly can't say why beyond I had the cash and wanted to do it?

It doesn't sound better than my poly PCs and while it does feel slightly different after 5 years of playing on it, its not enough to effect my playing if I grab one of the polys. It does look nice and it was what I wanted so I'm happy that I have it, but I wouldn't say it was worth the extra cost or that I like playing it more than any of my other PCs.

The one thing that I did decide was a necessity was a lined top. Due to the dry conditions here in Montana, all of the band's old blackwood PC tops have split and I didn't want that to happen to mine. I went with a Naill which had the option of a blackwood on the outside, plastic on the inside top, and I've been very happy with it and no cracking!

But after 20 years, why not try one, its not going to hurt!
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