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Default Re: higher quality / more expensive practice chanters

Originally Posted by Jethro View Post
Anyone make the switch from a poly chanter to a $300.00 + blackwood chanter? Considering some options and wondered how the experience was. I've been playing a poly for 20 years and figured a step up might be a real treat. Thanks!
you could spend way far less ( half or better) on ebay cautiously buying a vintage Lawrie, Hardie, Glen ,Henderson, Sinclair, etc... I've amassed about 15.. some ivoried, some 'plain'; I play them all. The old Lawries [not with screaming white plastic mounts] especially sound quite good,are very nicely made;.. over time I've gathered 7-8 "matched" Lawrie's with a unique bowl style from the 40's/50's.... and 1 pre-1900 with ivory sole and beaded cupped nickel ferrule.
Also a early 1900's ivoried Glen... but it was well <$150 for any of them.
Keep an eye out ...and bid wisely.
If doing so... be careful to first ask the right questions of the seller...i.e. no splits, chips, cracks, warping, original top, etc,etc.

I use Walsh reeds exclusively...the chanters all sound great. Once in a while I 'award' one to an excellent /moving up student.

As someone else posted.... you'll only might 'impress' people around the band table.
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